Ra. One (2011) Full Movie watch Online Blu Ray

Ra. One (2011) Full Movie watch Online Blu Ray 4.38/5 (87.50%) 8 votes

Ra One Full Movie watch online Blu ray

Movie : Ra. One (2011)

Starring : Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Armaan Verma, Arjun Rampal

Genre : Action, Science

English Subtitle : Yes

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Ra. One (2011) Full Movie watch Online Blu Ray




  1. qandeel says:

    I love you shahruhk khan you are good looking and I love so mush you

  2. this film is nice and my favourite movie in all bolywood movie

  3. heron says:

    he is my favourite hero infact my whole family loves him he is not like the other khan

  4. jhtyu says:

    Stop copying American movie plots… indian movies please be original

    • JD says:

      Just because a movie is about heroes or game characters becoming real, it doesn’t become a copy of US movies. In fact, neither of those were made first in the USA to begin with.

  5. syaz says:

    why this movie no eng sub

  6. awesome movie i like it and also i like shahrukh khan style

  7. Rocio says:

    I agree with GD ….. Every country has their own unique plot or movies …. And not every movie is made from America ….. And not everything revolves around America either

  8. tony says:

    this is a good film

  9. Nagia says:

    You have puple eyes

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