Aashiqui 2 full movie watch online BluRay

Aashiqui 2 full movie watch online BluRay 4.43/5 (88.57%) 7 votes

Aashiqui 2 full movie watch online BluRay


Genre: Romance
Language: Hindi
Director: Mohit Suri
Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Mukesh Bhatt and Kishan Kumar
Music Director: Jeet Ganguly, Mithoon Sharma and Ankit Tiwari
Cast: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Shaad Randhawa

Aashiqui 2 talks about the torrid romance happened between two people – Arohi Shirke (Shraddha Kapoor) and Rahul (Aditya Raoy Kapur). Arohi is a struggling singer who meets Rahul, a famed successful vocalist of the industry. Post couple of meetings, the love takes place between the two. The musical journey happens in their lives taking them to witness love, hate, turmoil, twists, success and failures. Rahul wants to make Arohi a big singer but in the meanwhile, his won singing career stats going down.

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Aashiqui 2 (2013) Full Movie Watch Online Blu Ray


Aashiqui 2 full movie watch online HD DVD

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  1. Victoria says:

    really good to see but there should be a option of searching and downloading then it is more Satisfied

  2. Bolly Viewer says:

    These videos play on iPad but YouTube cannot do full screen or airplay to Apple TV

    Why is this functionality disabled

    • Admin says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience but those video won’t support fullscreen in html5 you need flash player to play these video in fullscreen .

  3. Afanofit says:

    I just love this movie. And this site too.

  4. nikhil yadav says:

    I just love this movie.and this site too.

  5. Gaurav says:

    Can you pls provide the link to install flash player so that we can see the movie in full screen mode?

  6. khushi ayaz says:

    OMg good movies i like it ;) full movie and full songs OMG OMG nice

  7. khushi ayaz says:

    aur bhi new hogi movie saab pichli hai 2012 :( koi nayyi hoon baas 5 6 hogi new aur saab 2012 :'(

  8. khushi ayaz says:

    omg it’s sooooooo touching movieeeeeeeeee i like it i like it ;'( :'(

  9. samadstyle says:

    amazing movie its my favouroute movie 100%

  10. sarkar says:

    Last me achchha nahi tha.

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    Last me achchha nahi tha.
    But this site is best for me.

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  13. saheb says:

    I love this movie ..

  14. Ahmed says:

    very very nice movie love it

  15. Dr sunil parmar says:

    Excellent genious movie touch to my heart a true story and good quality of broadcast & view , i really like it.
    From heart , Dr sunil parmar , iam still a single

  16. Adil says:

    I like

  17. desi movie viewer says:

    wah…kia movie hai…so much i like it

  18. sana jutt says:

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  19. Watcher says:

    Print’s truly HD quality. Love this site!

  20. Ahmad Jutt says:

    very nice movie….. i like it

  21. isha says:

    amazing movie <3 great site to with great HD video quality

  22. eashal says:

    Thx iz gud I like vry much ””””’but songz were amazing

  23. Wlp3nny says:

    Would like to watch this movie…….is there an option for English subtitles?

  24. mahnoor karman says:

    yr ap logon ki web pa movie chal kio ni rahi koi movie ni chal rahi ha

  25. waqar says:

    realy heart touching

  26. USMAN ALI says:

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv niceeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. shezan says:

    Is there a link with english subtitles?

  28. mehak says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee this movie

  29. mehak says:

    sooooo Niyccccccccccccccc

  30. deepika says:

    amazing movie loved it

  31. syed noor says:

    I just love this movie. And this site too.

  32. Abdulraouf says:

    Aashiqui 2 is world best movie my favt movie

  33. jaynath says:

    i just love it’s this movie and i world like best loved movie mmmmmmmmmmmmwah

  34. jaynath says:

    What is love. love is not when you hug and kiss a person. But it’s when your heart is crying and the person holds you and hugs you always. love is when you want to express something, but you can’t but just holding each other hand says it all. love is when you know that person is wrong and you smile away and say, you are right, just to see that person smile..? Jaynath Yadav………? From In Nepal live Doha,Qatar..!!!!!!!

  35. tiamo ali1 says:

    wao is ke songs buht achye hin

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